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Heritage Oaks Landscaping


Heritage Oaks Landscaping, Inc. has the experience and vision to guide you into the new horizon of landscape design and architecture. As an Oakland County landscaping company, the outdoor environments we create for our clients are personalized and artistic representations of their lifestyle choices and answer their personal needs as part of their daily lives. Landscape design, landscape construction and garden maintenance are only a few of the services we offer. We serves Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties in Michigan.

Landscaping Company in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.

Heritage Oaks Landscaping has been a leading landscaping company serving Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Lawn care, landscape renovation and landscape installation are only a few of the services offered to our clients.

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Unique Landscaping Design

All designs are unique and deserve perfect workmanship to deliver the intended style, goal and feeling of the landscape. Subdued elegance or daring boldness takes shape and comes to life with precision and artisan-like quality. The entire spectrum of nature is present in our landscapes.


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