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About us

Serving SouthEast Michigan


Using innovative ideas to create distinctive outdoor environments, our staff is dedicated to working with passion, integrity, and respect to fulfill the dreams of our clients. We use only the highest quality materials to deliver timeless designs that exceed expectations and endure for generations.

Our Private Plant Nursery

Our nursery is stocked with plant material purchased directly from growers. Maintaining our private nursery allows us to use high quality plant material that is not available at local garden centers.

Our nursery is not open to the public. This ensures our plant material is available for our landscape projects.

 Unique Landscaping Design

All designs are unique and deserve perfect workmanship to deliver the intended style, goal and feeling of the landscape. Subdued elegance or daring boldness takes shape and comes to life with precision and artisan-like quality. The entire spectrum of nature is present in our landscapes.

Heritage Oaks Landscaping, Inc. has the staff, equipment, and facility that has allowed them to excel in the landscape industry.

Our facility houses designers that create exceptional landscapes.

Our shop has mechanics that keep our vehicles and equipment looking and running great.