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Full Service Landscaping for your Business

Professional landscaping contributes an essential human dimension to large-scale commercial developments. Heritage Oaks Landscaping, Inc. has years of experience as an all-inclusive landscape contractor. We are qualified to execute multi-faceted commercial projects from inception to completion.

Commercial Landscape Design

The addition of a unique landscape to an imposing artificial environment always makes people more comfortable with your facility and thereby improves their experience.

Wetlands Mitigation

Wetlands Mitigation provides for the establishment of wetlands to compensate for wetlands that are converted to other uses. To compensate for the removal of those wetlands, Federal regulations require the restoration of wetlands elsewhere. Heritage Oaks Landscaping, Inc. will design and install your project with a wetland consultant.

Large Tree Planting

You do not need to settle for small scale landscape plants. Small or inappropriate landscape plants can diminish the value and appearance of a landscape. Large trees can add more value and add a more established look to your property. Heritage Oaks Landscaping, Inc. has the capability to transplant trees on-site or bring new large trees to the site.

 Large Scale Retaining Walls

Many sites require large scale retaining walls. Heritage Oaks Landscaping, Inc. has the capability and expertise to design and construct specialty retaining walls. We have constructed walls with interlocking blocks, timber, and boulders. Our walls meet engineering requirements and are aesthetically pleasing.

Plant Watering

We have the capability to hydrate plant material when on-site water is unavailable. Our equipment can bring water to the site or pump from water sources nearby. We will keep your plant material watered until the permanent irrigation system is installed.